What’s the KEY???

What’s the best way to train?? The best way to stay fit?? The best way to eat well?? The best way to build endurance??

CONSISTENCY… If I say it once I say it a thousand times, just keep on keeping on. You get up everyday and consistently brush your teeth so you don’t get cavities or sometimes worse, have bad breath. You consistently go to work, eat, sleep. So what is the difference with training? Make it part of your LIFE. EVERYDAY!! The way you eat, the activities you do, even the company you keep. I’m not saying don’t hang with the …unfit… but I am saying, hang out with people who will help keep you in the best shape of your life.

Like Dave Ramsey says “you wanna be RICH.. Do RICH people things” … I say “you wanna be FIT..Do FIT people things.” and you don’t have to go broke doing either!!! Maybe you’ll just rub off on the unfit.. and if not then.. sad for them. As for the RICH hopefully they rub off on me:).

How do you stay consistent?? Why Brush your teeth? BECAUSE IT”S GOOD FOR YOU!!! yes, I know it only takes 2 minutes to brush your teeth and that’s if your doing it correctly. And training can take up to… well that depends on you. But if you add some friends into the mix… I can train all day.. and I bet you can too!!

But everyday?? Well you sleep everyday.. Eat everyday.. So..Yes. I’m not saying workout like crazy everyday, but have a consistent schedule. Change things up. Don’t run the same run everyday, but if you have to change it up. Run faster for 30 seconds a few times add some knee lifts. Do what you need to do. Build on your fitness regularly and make it part of your life everyday!!!

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