The Time is NOW

With most of triathlon season behind us, plans for next year are underway if you haven’t already done this. This is the time of year to evaluate your level of fitness and build your strength.

This is a great time of year to plan a late winter or early spring Marathon, only if your not doing a spring Half or Full Ironman, and start building your base back up. Make sure you take the time to heal from your past season. Take a week or two off from any structured training. Any training you do should be recovery, which means your Heart Rate should stay below 125 for most.

Half Marathon distance races are also great for increasing fitness and speed for longer endurance events without the stress of a full marathon distance race.

Take the time to write down your strengths and weaknesses, physical and mental, and the challenges you can expect to face and create a plan on what you can do to avoid them if possible. It’s not if we have challenges in our lives, it’s when…

How we react to those challenges are what build us in our daily lives, as well as our athletic endeavors.

Make the commitment today…

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