Sometimes it Just Hurts

Ever have those days.. you get up and it just hurts. You have a plan but everytime you turn around you hit a wall, those are hard days. You have a hard time seeing the other side of the Hill or Mountain or whatever it is your climbing.

Whether your running, riding, swimming through that ROUGH water or just living life.. we all have days like that. Legs feel tired, shoulders hurt, heart is pounding or life just isn’t what you expected it to be and it can take it’s toll, not just emotionally but physically.

As an athlete, the training we do helps us to cope with all those things that create instability in our lives. We can not control the world but we can control how we react to it, and part of that is being physically fit.

Today I was riding head on into the wind.. BIG WIND, my legs were hurting and I was feeling tired. Then somewhere in that misery and pain, a grin crept across my face that only a million dollars and a brand new Corvette(paid for of course) could have made bigger.. Somewhere a switch went off and the pain turned into pleasure… PURE JOY!! Man it felt good. I LOVE THAT PLACE.

Going 30+miles an hour on a push on a straight away. I feel like I’m FINALLY slowing down, not my speed though, just me doing something for me. We rush around all day and it’s when I am running fast or riding and pushing as hard as I can that I can finally BREATHE.. Let out that silent sigh “AAAAHHH” It feels good.

Just when I questioned why I do what I do.. It all fell into place, that place just for me and a satisified smile crept on my face like the cheshire cat!! I do what I do because I know that I will overcome that place of pain, that place of hurt, that place in life that sometimes just wasn’t what I expected and will be able to overcome it. No, it’s never easy but nothing good ever is.

Give it a try, I promise once you find that place there is no turning back

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