It’s 9:15.. That means it’s really 10:15??

The time change… I loved that I got extra sleep last night. Right now my body is in major REPAIR mode. But, I just looked at the clock.. it’s 9:15… Why am I so tired? Well, yesterday at this time I was already asleep.

As much as I love the time change in the morning, I love to wake up early. I am wiped out and it isn’t even 9:30 yet, the evenings will be a challenge for me for a while.

So for a short summary of my run this morning, I felt pretty good. I am not saying I am running without pain. For some reason the hit I took in my leg when I fell is causing my right leg to drag. What exactly does that mean?? I feel like I have a dead leg. It doesn’t want to flex or extend so I really have to focus on the muscle action. If you have ever run a marathon or done an Ironman and you just can’t pick up your legs anymore, this is what I am feeling during my run. That is the sensation I am having in my right leg.

It’s OK when you are at the end of a race, not so good when you start off like that. I am hoping over the next few days my leg feels better and better and the pain I am having at night will also fade. Other than that I feel pretty good and now that it’s 9:25 my body is telling my it’s 10:25 so I am going to sleep…

One more thing before I go, I would like to Congratulate 2 of my Athletes in Dallas, Karen and Jason both set Half Marathon PR’s for today!!!!!! Way to go!!!! Super Proud of both of them!!!!!

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    Jason Bahamundi

    November 8, 2010

    Thanks coach. Couldn’t have gotten there without you.

    As for the leg I hope it gets better for you b/c I remember not being able to lift either leg at the end of my last marathon. Not good times. Heal well.

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