Getting it Right

With 21 days left before World Championships for the Half Ironman, I am trying to get it right. The right mix of distance, speed and intensity, in 3 different sports: Swimming, Biking and Running.. and REST… and coaching, and family and friends.

What does 21 days mean exactly? For me, it means about 11 more days of intense training and then I start a taper. I have to stay focused, have a plan but, be flexible. I need to make sure I push myself hard on my intense days, and recovery when I need to rest. I need to make sure I am confident in my abilities and not question if I have or have not done enough.

I will be competing against some of the strongest endurance athletes in the World. I need to not fear the pain but, overcome it and embrace it. I know it hurts… I’ve been here before.

I will push my body in the next few weeks beyond it’s limits, not necessarily in distance but, in intensity. Hoping that when I get to the starting line, I will have done what it takes to not just be a finisher, but a strong contender with the best.

I also have to remember that some days will not go as planned. On our ride yesterday, we had rain, wind, flats and crashes. This started to crumble me mentally. But, I know everything has a reason. I ended up cutting my ride short, and going for a run. So after 50 miles on the bike, I hoped off, put my running shoes on and headed to the trail.

There was actually a marathon going on called the Frankenton. I took it all in. Enjoying my run, the day, and watching these athletes as I passed through push there bodies to the limits. I let my mind go, I saw some great friends and fellow athletes out training and I smiled. I smiled because I do this because I can, not because I have to.

I compete because I love to. I always have. I love the training even when it hurts, even when it doesn’t all go according to plan. I am also thankful no one was hurt yesterday. All in all a great day.

So for now… I’m getting it right.. everything in good time.

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    Jason Bahamundi

    October 24, 2010

    Thank you for the reminder. You are always providing great motivation and this is just another example of that.

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