Get Motivated-2010

2010 … the teen years for the 2000’s. Are you gonna be a rebellious teenager, or are you gonna get motivated and get it together. The choice is yours, the time is now. We are well into the month and as we get further into the year, stay focused.

What you told yourself you wanted to do, what you wanna be, who you wanna become. HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER!! Stay Commited, don’t compromise. And please don’t make excuses. We all have busy lives, yes some more than others. But it’s time to prioritize, the difference you make in your self will be positive when it involves your health which means it benefits everyone who is in your life. Not only will your positive attitude affect others, you might get someone else motivated. It happens like that. Be an inspiration.

I know when I look back on these years, I wanna say “I nailed it” and point to everyone I inspired and those that inspired me. We never do it alone. Help me help you!!

My teens weren’t great, yes I was a rebellious teenager. But 2010 I’m looking you in the face and I feel GOOD, I feel STRONG, I may fall down but I will stand tall with my fist pumping in the air and keep moving forward.. ARE YOU WITH ME?? SAY YES!!!!!

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