Follow you Heart

Following your heart, so much easier said then done. Sometimes this just leads to heart break and drama. Other times it breathes new life into us. Our heart gives us passion, love, and emotion. But our physical heart gives us LIFE.

Our hearts can tell us almost immediately if we are, or are not in shape. Sometimes it just takes a few minutes. Our hearts can also tell us if we are sick.

For training, our heart is a real indicator for how well we are doing. First thing in the morning, our Resting Heart Rate, or RHR tells us if we are overtraining, tired, or… doing everything just right.

We’ll try to keep this simple because heart rate training can get a bit scientifical and complex and technical and I really don’t wanna lose my crowd.

So first thing is getting a BASELINE in the morning.. RHR and by that I don’t mean get up start cleaning, getting ready, drinking your coffee (for me DietDP..We all have a flaw right?) whatever you do in the morning. STOP!!

STAY IN BED.. Lay there and RELAX. Take 2 60 second counts of your pulse. Write it down, this gives you a starting place. If this goes up during training you could be overtraining or overtired. Try to keep a log and make a habit of this especially if you are training for a race.

Now for the ZONES.. And NOT the Speeding kind even though we love to speed.

For training purposes I’m going to use 6 zones:

REC(Recovery)40-50% and below- Is just that. Your body is recovering from intense physical activity

AERO(Aerobic)50-60%-this is the zone where you strengthen your heart, improve muscle mass, reduce fat, cholesterol, blood pressure and other degenerative diseases. This is not the zone that will increase your fitness, strength or endurance but it will ward off health issues.

LT(Lactate Threshold)60-70%- this zone starts burning the fat, something we all have on some level. This zone increases your bodies ability to use fat for energy or fuel.

AC(Aerobic Conditioning)70-80%-this is where you are actually increasing the size of your heart muscle, your lung capacity and respiratory rate. In this zone is where the body increases it’s ability to exercise for a longer period of time.

AT(Anaerobic Threshold)80-90%-the “BURN ZONE” and it feels good, we just usually can’t stay here for more than an hour. This zone is used for tempo training. Here is where we get FASTER, LEANER, and STRONGER. Our intensity here is much higher.

VO2max-this Zone is saved for all out bursts or training intervals, with recovery and aerobic zones to get the full benefits. This is an extremely High Zone and the risk for injury can be potentially high so make sure you know your zones.

Training your heart and following your zones is crucial to gaining fitness. So get out there get that blood pumping and GO BREAK SOME HEARTS!!!

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