Eat those Carbs??

The myth about Carb-Loading and why I say that. Why eat more carbs before a long distance event or any event for that matter? My first example is a 5k you don’t ever need to load up for this particular distance, it’s just not long enough and for that matter neither is a 10k. As a matter of fact if your doing your TAPER (which is cutting back on training before your big event) correctly, you are already dropping your energy expenditure which means… your burning less fuel and storing energy. Adding extra calories on to that if your dropping your workout only means one thing… WEIGHT GAIN.

The only weight you should be gaining before a race is from water and that’s usually from decreased sweat loss. You add extra carbs and calories to less activity and to me that does not add up right.

Carbo loading doesn’t mean upping your calories, it means adding carbs and taking away from something else like maybe fats. Or ideally, since at this point you should be so trained that your nutrition has been great all along and you don’t have to add much except maybe starting 2 days before the race adding a sport drink like Accelerade or PowerBar drink mix. Keep things bland and usual no one likes race day surprises. AND you really don’t want to feel bloated race morning. Also, adding carbs the day before the race.. that’s like studying for your finals the night before.. Good Luck, but you’ll probably get an F and I say you deserve it. Be PREPARED, practice during training, not during your race or you’ll get a DNF and that means did not finish, which just sucks.

If you make sure your nutrition is good the WEEK/WEEKS leading up to your big event as long as you did your training… I expect nothing but a stella performance!!!!!Now GO EAT SOME NOODLES:)

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