Damage Control

With 8 days left until World Championship, I am a little stressed.

I rode on Monday morning and felt good but, my leg was hurting. I had to really suffer with my hands. I came back and ran a very easy 20 minutes. My legs are still moving albeit slowly and painfully. I also had a big swim Monday afternoon that I managed to get through, which I was happy about.

I decided after my swim I should get my hand X-rayed. I made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon.

Tuesday morning I went for a run and I threw in some speed work that I really suffered through but, it wasn’t bad enough or fast enough at this point for me to quit.

Tuesday afternoon: what I thought, was confirmed. My hand was broken. Thankfully my Dr. is a triathlete and he knows what I have going on. He also knows me very well, I’m a fighter not a quiter. Where the is a will, there is a way… His dilemma was thinking outside of the box. My hand has to be protected. If it breaks more or displaces, it will need surgery, which means pins in my hand. That would not be good. He had me casted in something I can take off when I swim, bike, or run if I needed to. I asked that he do nothing permanent. I told him about my leg, he told me to go easy. I was listening. Thank you Wilson!!

Wednesday was cold and raining outside.. YUCK!! I still needed to ride so I stayed indoors and got on my computrainer. I managed a good indoor session and then it was off to get the kids and head downtown. I needed my racewheels checked. I am riding Zipp 404’s. I headed to Mellow Johnny’s to have this done, one of my athletes works there and he takes great care of my bike needs. My bike goes in next week for a good going over. I am riding a Cervelo P2K that is almost 8 years old. I am in need of a new bike but, remember that “starving actor comment” This might be a while. Thank you Jason for taking care of my Old Blue!!!

Let me just add in at this point that not only am I injured, I have cut out all caffeine until race morning:o(. For me this means no Dark Chocolate. This might actually be the worst part.(I had one piece if I am being honest… I cracked under pressure)

Ok, so now we are up to Thursday.. I had Cameron dropped off at 7:30, Morgan and I headed back home. I had exactly an hour before I had to leave to take her to school. I hopped on my spin bike for 45 min.. Got a good recovery ride in and headed out to take her to school. I had a massage scheduled at 10am. My Therapist saw my leg and said “Whoa, that’s really bad, we have to go very easy there.” If a therapist goes to deep on bruised tissue it could futher the damage, my Dr. said the same thing. I already knew she couldn’t go crazy there, it hurts to looks at. I really needed that massage, and I knew it would help with my recovery, more damage control.

She was finished and I headed out for a 30 min run afterwards to see how I felt. My leg is just not in good shape. It was a very easy 30 minutes. As least I was moving, and the weather was good.

Now I was going to Tillman Therapy to have another cast made that I can potentially race in. Lisa was the therapist and she was really amazing. I enjoyed talking to her and having her take good care of my hand as well as tell me her concerns about my hand. She called me a “professional athlete” I laughed and said ” athletes like me are like starving actors” She says ” well you’re a professional to me” That warmed my heart. If I can inspire 1 I have done my job… My JOB is to inspire and motivate, to show passion and love… Some days I do better then others. As a coach that is what I strive to do with my athletes.

One of my very good friends Ruthie picked Morgan up from school and met me because my appointment was at pick up time. I am also going to add in here that if I didn’t have Ruthie and Ruben as friends, I could not do what I do. Ruthie does so much to help me out with my kids. I absolutely have to thank her.. Thank you Ruthie. I don’t have family here and Rob travels for work, so my schedule and planning can be very complex at times. We went to get Cameron and then headed to the gym so I could get a swim in. I get in a nice recovery swim and my day is done. Well, the training part anyways. At this point I am taking Arnica and rubbing a homeopathic cream on my leg called Tramheel, as well as wrapping it in compression bandages. I’m OK when I am moving but, sitting down and getting up feels painful and actually at night when I move my leg I have pain in my quad muscle and into the top of that knee. I am also taking Advil.. As much for my pain, as for the headache I have had without caffeine…Probably more for the headache though.

Now I am up to today and I am getting anxious. I really wanted to go for a run but, I also know I needed to stay off my leg. I take Morgan to the gym and she “swims” while I swim. Today I was swimming 100s and 500s and the water was perfect.. I was a happy swimmer. My hand felt good in the water, I have had to adjust my stroke and my left shoulder is feeling the pain, it’s working overtime.

Tomorrow I will do a group ride with one of my training partners Rick aka GARMIN and a group from Bicycle Sport Shop. Last time I rode with these guys we held a great pace until the crashes and rain. I am looking forward to getting my MOJO back.



    November 6, 2010

    Keep on, keepin’ on coach. Motivating to say the least.


    November 11, 2010

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