Building your Engine

The method behind the madness. I’m talking about going SLOW. Staying in a low heart rate zone. For those of you like me, this is a very trying time and takes tons of patience. I don’t like to slow down. But, when you’re trying to get faster, going slow in the beginning or BASE Phase is what it’s all about, especially when it comes to building speed endurance.

WHY?? you ask.. Well, our bodies can adapt to being very efficient machines, but they have to be trained to do so. What I mean by this is, even for the “SKINNY” people, we all have fat to burn , we have to train our bodies to burn our almost endless fat stores rather then our carbs or glycogen stores.

What happens when we go slow? We breath slower which means our bodies are getting more oxygen in our blood. Fat needs OXYGEN to burn. When your short of breath.. this is lack of oxygen which means your fat doesn’t have the oxygen it needs to be burned. Instead your body switches to carbs, and those come in a very finite supply and once those are gone our bodies start to do crazy things, actually without sugar, our brains won’t work. Sugars are the source of fuel for our amazing brains. So, lets keep the brain fed and use our fat for energy, we’ll last longer that way.

But if I am going slow, how in the world will I get faster? We’ll your heart is becoming more efficient in this stage AND let’s not forget we will add in some high drills. Just enough to produce lactate, which is also a fuel our muscles use, and flush it out with recovery. Nothing longer then 2 minutes or shorter then 30 seconds. It takes our bodies about 15 seconds to get in this zone anyways. Then for a full recovery, repeat this about 5 times and you’ll be well on your way. You do this about every 3-4 days.

This type of training lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Blow it and your engine will not reach it’s full potential for racing. Which means NO TEMPOS, NO MILE REPEATS, Etc. Etc. and if your heart rate goes high on a run up a hill, well then, WALK!!! Same on the bike. DON’T Blow it and you know the minute you start BLOWING your Heart Rate is too HIGH!!!Let those other people pass you. Either they are truly faster, which means they’re ahead of you anyways OR they don’t know what there doing. They’ll be eating your dirt soon enough.

Remember this phase doesn’t last forever, your build will come soon enough. As well as your peak and racing then you’ll be begging for your base phase ;) .. Just to start the cycle over. So, be patient, be smart and enjoy this time.. cause this to shall pass

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