Motivation vs Inspiration

Are you inspired to do great things, or motivated to do great things?

Inspiration is a feeling where as motivation is an action… They work together for greatness, separate the two and the question is, what inspired an individual to get motivated.  They work hand in hand. The biggest difference is that inspiration usually comes from something or someone on the outside.  Motivation is all together different and if you don’t have the internal fire burning, that motivation will fade with time.  Someone or something can inspire a person or motivate a person, but take that stimulus out of the picture and all that is left is the RAW YOU.

What makes a person extremely motivated to succeed at something and another person equally talented at the same thing not succeed.. DRIVE, DETERMINATION, MOTIVATION, and HARD WORK.  These are the same traits that make a person with less talent succeed at something they may not have in talent, but are determined to beat the odds because it’s what they love.

In sports, especially distance/endurance events, all that you have is the Raw You.. Where will it take you?  You’ve done the training, you’ve stayed motivated.  You have eaten all the right foods, fueled your body. Your body is a machine.

Inspiration got you here, motivation kept you going.  At times, there are moments you question everything you’ve done and the reason behind this life you have chosen.  Being an athlete is a choice, staying commited to succeed takes a lot of work.  HARD work.

Find the  inspiration to do amazing things, then the internal flame INSIDE will keep you motivated..Find the Flame… Ignite the FIRE!